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What’s MIRAI-SDGs Platform?

“MIRAI-SDGs Platform” is a communication platform for Ph.D. students to meet Ph.D. students and faculty in other research fields, and to exchange opinions and brainstorm freely and openly across the conventional framework of academic disciplines.
The doctoral students enrolled in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course will send out their research and issues to be solved through their resumes and YouTube. In addition to freely and openly exchanging questions and opinions using online media, the students will be able to communicate with each other face to face in a simultaneous interactive and developmental manner, and brainstorm about the issues.
The MIRAI-SDGs platform is a virtual emergence space for “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course of the doctoral program, and it is possible to link the research and subject information content of doctoral students to both competency development and career development for the creation of new cross-disciplinary research topics and solutions to social issues.

How to use this platform?

Research published on the “MIRAI-SDGs Platform” can be viewed by anyone. (Some parts are restricted access.) See what kind of issues they are working on.
*Ph.D. students in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course at Kyushu University are required to register as researchers on the MIRAI-SDGs Platform to receive the required credits.
*Registered researchers will be able to view the research topics without any restrictions, and will be able to ask questions and make comments
*If you are the corporate consortium member, you can register to view the site without any restrictions.

How to participate in the MIRAI-SDGs platform for companies

If you are a research personnel in companies and research institutes, a human resources recruiter, or professional staff positions in government agenciesetc, etc., you can register “MIRAI-SDGs Platform” as a “Corporate Consortium Member”.

Once registered, you will be able to view the research information of all course students and communicate with them using online tools. The site can also be used as an opportunity to discover the seeds of new business and innovation through collaboration with young researchers who will lead the next generation.
For details, please see the “MIRAI-SDGs Platform Participation Guide (Japanese)” and contact us, the program office.

Comments from outside experts

〇 Mr. ASAKUMA Sumitoshi, Executive Vice President, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.  Sep.2022

It is a revolutionary system that allows students from all academic departments, regardless of humanities or sciences, to categorize their research themes by the 17 SDG goals, to access all themes, and to use slack for interactive communication.
As we deepen our expertise, we tend to go into a shell of our own expertise, whether we are aware of it or not, but I think it is very beneficial to be able to ask questions, hear opinions, advice, etc., from different backgrounds.
For both the accessor and the receiver, new discoveries and insights can be expected to emerge, and opportunities to inspire new ideas can be gained. I believe that this is the very basis for practicing emergence.
In a world of increasing complexity, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure sustainability, not only in the evolution of academia, but also in our daily lives, including society, the economy, and the environment. To this end, we must emphasize the importance of taking a bird’s-eye view of things objectively and thinking based on data and facts without bias. From this perspective, I have high expectations for this initiative by Kyushu University and hope that it will foster human resources who will lead Japan and the world in the next generation in all fields.

〇 Mr. IIDA Kazutoshi、President, Air Liquide Laboratories Sep.2022

I took a peek at the platform. I think it is very comprehensive. In terms of academia (university education), I think it is a tool that is expected to strengthen the ability to disseminate one’s research and interests, exchange with others based on that, and in some cases, develop into collaboration. From the perspective of the companies, I think it can also be a tool for discovering students whose interests match those of the companies.
On the other hand, companies expect this program to discover other potentials for collaborative research, and more importantly (high potential) talents. If there is some information that can be used as a starting point for such a search, I can’t specify what exactly would be effective, but for example, some brief introductory information, academic, career, personal interests, etc., companies with such a (future recruitment) goal would probably go to Slack.
In a global company like ours, many PhD holders of various nationalities work for us. They have not only specialized knowledge and experience gained in the process of completing their doctoral studies, but they also have a very high level of ability, including a bird’s eye view, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and leadership abilities.This is probably the reason why PhD holders are often placed at the top of their companies in Europe and the United States. I hope that the graduates of this course will become such valuable human resources.