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  • About Working Students
    • Are there any restrictions on working students (including experienced working adults) and age?

      In this project, there are no restrictions as long as the income exceeds 2.4 million yen per year. It is not possible for those earning stable payments such as salary and executive compensation exceeding 2.4 million yen per year.

    • If a working student does not receive a sufficient amount of living expenses (2.4 million yen/year) despite the company has a salary system that pay equivalent amount of salary, can he/she apply?

      The purpose of this project is to create an environment for students to be able to concentrate on their research, and this is done by paying the amount equivalent to their living expenses. So if working students can receive living expenses from the companies, they are not eligible to apply for this program.

    • What exactly is a stable income in excess of 2.4 million yen per year?

      Stable income is defined as stable, fixed income such as salaries and executive compensation. Part-time job and TA/RA salaries are not included in stable income. Paid internships and students starting their own businesses to earn income are also not included in stable income. Cases in which an employment contract is concluded with a clear post and term (e.g., fiscal year staff), for example, may not be supported, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please be sure to consult with us.

  • Applications from Other Universities
    • Is it possible for a doctoral student from a master's program at another university to apply for this program?

      Yes, he/she can.

  • Reapplying for a new application
    • I was not selected for the previous recruitment. Can I apply again for this recruitment?

      If you meet the eligibility requirements for this application, you may apply. Please note that the application form has been changed.

  • About International Students
    • Is it possible for international students to apply?

      International students can also apply.
      However, international students who receive government scholarship programs for foreign students are not eligible for this project from the perspective of avoiding duplicate payments.
      In addition, based on the purpose of this project: “Strengthening the support of excellent doctoral students who will bear the future of science and technology and innovation in Japan,” the students to be supported are expected to contribute the development of science and technology and innovation in Japan even after completion. It is necessary to have the will and ability to be directly involved in the above-mentioned activities.
      Also, for international students who have not yet entered Japan, support will start from the month they arrive in Japan.
      In addition, most elective courses are offered in Japanese only. Compulsory courses and some elective courses can be taken in English only.

  • (only when recruiting current students) Application from the second year of the doctoral course and obligation to take courses
    • In the case of the 3rd year of the doctoral program (4th year in the case of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Dental Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences), the period of enrollment is only six months to a year. Is it possible for these students to apply?

      Yes, they can apply.

  • Applying with a scholarship or if you have income from a private company, etc.
    • Can I apply if I am receiving a scholarship provided by a foundation, or if I am receiving a salary from a company with an annual income of 2.4 million yen or less?

      Scholarship recipients of the foundation should confirm whether the foundation allows the scholarship recipients to receive the amount equivalent to the living expenses in parallel.
      If the foundation does not allow the combined payment, the recipients of the foundation are not eligible for the application.
      This project sets 2.4 million yen per year as a standard living expense.You may apply in the following cases.
      -Income is less than 2.4 million yen per year.
      -Income exceeds 2.4 million yen per year, but the total income is only from part-time jobs.

    • Is it possible to receive a subsidy for the purpose of tuition support (tuition exemption, scholarship for tuition support by the fund)?

      There is no problem because the purpose of this program is to “create an environment where you can concentrate on your research” and not to support tuition fees.

  • Submission of certificates and other documents required for application
    • Is it necessary to submit a certificate of income at the time of application?

      You do not need to submit a certificate of income at the time of application. However, if you become a working student with an income of more than 2.4 million yen a year, you will lose your qualification as a course student. In case you start to earn more than 2.4 million yen a year, please notify the secretariat immediately.

  • Loss of Eligibility due to Recruitment of JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow
    • What if I am hired for the Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science?

      You will lose your eligibility for research aid. Please notify us when you are selected as a JSPS research fellow.
      Even though you will lose your eligibility for the research aid, you are able to stay im this program and continue the course activities.

  • About TA/RA and part-time jobs after hiring course students
    • If I am hired as a course student, is it okay to continue TA / RA?

      You can continue.

    • Is it possible to work part-time after being hired as a course student?

      It is possible provided that the part-time job never interferes with your research activities and the course works.

  • Payment Period
    • What month will the payment start?

      The date of the first payment of the amount equivalent to living expenses is as follows.
      October Recruitment in FY2023: December 21, 2023 (for the period of October through December 2023)
      However, the payment date may be delayed for students whose account registration has not been confirmed.
      After that, the monthly allowance will be paid on the 21st of every month.
      Research expenses will be allocated in December.
      In addition, for international students who have not yet entered Japan, the month of their arrival in Japan is the month when the living expense equivalent payment begins. The amount up to the current month will be paid together by the following month after the registration of the payment account is confirmed.
      (e.g., if the entry into Japan is on October 10 and the account registration is confirmed on November 15, the payment for October through December will be made on December 21).
      Also, please note that the allocation of research aids will be made after the arrival in Japan, so that you will be able to purchase goods from the date of your arrival.

  • Period of Support
    • I do not expect to complete my doctoral degree within the standard period of study, and I intend to continue my doctoral studies in the next academic year. If I extend my graduation, will the period of support also be extended?

      No. Even if you extend your graduation, the support period ends within the standard period of study. It is not possible to stay in a course after the standard period of study or to receive a research aid.
      However, if you have a period of leave of absence in the doctoral course, please contact us.

  • About "Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship"
    • I applied for the "Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship" in April and it was rejected. Is it possible to apply for this project?

      It is possible to apply after consulting with your academic advisor.

    • Is there a field designation such as "Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship"?

      Unlike “Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship”, no field is specified in this project.
      However, in application form 1, please specify one field from the four fields in which your application form will be reviewed.

    • Is it possible to apply for "Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship" and this project at the same time?

      No, you can only apply for one of them. Also, students enrolled in the Graduate Program of Mathematics for Innovation and students enrolled in the Program for Leading Graduate Schools can not apply.

  • Leave of Absence
    • I am currently on a leave of absence. Can I apply?

      Students who are confirmed to return to school as of the date of selection (April 1, 2023) may apply.

    • If I take a leave of absence, can I receive financial support as a course student?

      In the case of a leave of absence, support will be suspended during the period of
      absence, but may be resumed after the student returns to school.
      So please consult the program office individually.

  • Necessity of Returning the Amount Equivalent to Living Expenses and Research Expenses
    • If I drop out of school after being selected as a course student, do I need to refund the living expenses and research expenses?

      As a general rule, no return is required.
      However, if you are expelled from school due to improper receipt of living expenses and research expenses or due to disciplinary disposition, you may be required to return all or part of the living expenses and research expenses.

  • Continuing Review and Termination of Support
    • If I am selected as a course student, will my living expenses and research expenses be supported during the standard period of study?

      Course students are required to submit a yearly report at each end of the fiscal year. The activity of research and course-work will be examined each year, and the financial support may be discontinued if it is evaluated that research activities or course-works are not carried out properly.

for Company and other organization

  • Corporate Consortium Member
    • What exactly is the MIRAI-SDGs platform?

      This is a new communication platform for students in the university-wide doctoral program “Future-Creation (MIRAI) Course” to belong to a class for each SDG issue related to their research content and freely exchange opinions, information, and brainstorm beyond the framework of existing fields with doctoral students in other fields with different specialties, faculty members, and external parties such as companies on the Web.

    • What are students doing on the MIRAI-SDGs platform?

      Course students consider the relationship between their research and SDG issues, and disseminate summaries and YouTube videos of issues to be resolved. In addition, students have the opportunity to break out of their shell of expertise by asking questions and exchanging opinions through online media (Slack).

    • What do participants from companies and other organizations do?

      We invite you to browse the research information of doctoral students on the MIRAI-SDGs platform from time to time, and to participate in online sessions such as exchanging opinions via Slack with these students on research of your interest and concern.

    • What are the benefits to companies and others of participating in this program?

      Through the summaries and 3-minute videos developed on the MIRAI-SDGs platform, you can get new ideas for solving SDG issues.
      In addition, you will be able to learn about the research of our doctoral students, and freely ask questions, have a chat, and interact with them through Slack and online sessions. This will enable you to discover new seeds in each company and the excellent doctoral human resources who will be responsible for them.
      If the interests of the students and the companies match, this can lead to the development of internships, joint research, and other partnerships that will benefit the companies.

    • How to participate?

      If you wish to participate, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
      We will send you instructions on how to participate and how to use the platform.

    • What is the participation fee?

      There is no participation fee for FY2022 and FY2023.
      Since the construction and maintenance of a highly confidential and secure web system is necessary for the long-term continuation of this platform, we are considering charging a participation fee from FY2024 onward.

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