To our Future (MIRAI), which needs your research

Communication Platform for Reseachers

The MIRAI-SDGs Platform aims to link the research and issue information contents of doctoral students in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course to the creation of new cross-disciplinary research issues, the development of competencies for solving social issues, and career development.

In addition, We will invite members of the corporate consortium, experts from outside the university and alumni of Kyushu University who succeed in various fields to this platform. The purpose of this platform is for students to gain perspectives from the field of social issues and at the same time, to build various career paths through this platform.

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In “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course of our university, which was selected for the SPRING program, you will meet other doctoral students and faculty members with different affiliations and research fields, and engage in a free and open exchange of opinions and brainstorming beyond the framework of existing fields.


“Fusion-of-intelligence Courses (Compulsory)” is offered to develop a bird’s eye view and comprehensive knowledge to confront and solve complex problems, and “Research Proposals (Compulsory)” is offered to develop competency in solving cross-disciplinary and social issues. In addition, advanced and wide-ranging transferable skills will be cultivated based on theose elective subjects “Graduate-Level Intergrated Project”, “Interdisciplinary Courses and Sub-Major Programs”, “Entrepreneurship Training Courses”, “Internationality Courses”, “Resillience Training”, “Career Development Courses” and “Internships in Business”.