PICK UP! (vol.5) Chisaki Kitajima / Graduate School of Human-Environment

There are more than 300 diversed students are enrolled in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course.
In this section, we will focus on students who are engaged in unique activities and introduce their achievements and activities from their own perspectives.

The fifth student is Chisaki Kitajima (D2) of the Graduate School of Human-Environment.


Inputs and feedback from multiple perspectives

I became interested in architecture when I experienced the architecture designed by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, the capital of Spain, on my first trip abroad.

His method of discovering form involved geometry, structural mechanics, biology, and nature. My research topics are strongly influenced by it.

The architecture consists of many complex elements and relates to many other fields. Therefore, I’m always conscious of gaining multiple perspectives.

I held and participated in study groups and workshops and traveled abroad to visit famous architecture. In addition, I participated in competitions, presentations, and other output opportunities to receive objective evaluations.

As a result, in an undergraduate course, I received the student award at the Fukuoka Association of Architects & Building Engineering and the critique prize at the Design Review 2020; in a master’s course, I received the grand prize at the Generation of Structural Shapes and Systems Contest 2021 and the excellence award at the Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies; in a doctoral course, I received the first place at the KU VISION PITCH 2022.

Please refer to the URL below for my work in the master’s course.

In addition, during the master’s and undergraduate courses, we launched each project to activate a local community. We acted independently to plan, design, and construct with our team members.

I was able to continue these activities thanks to the great support of my professors, friends, and family. I would like to devote myself to being proud and grateful for the environment around me.

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