PICK UP! (vol.4) Reina Nishioka / Graduate School of Design

There are more than 300 diversed students are enrolled in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course.
In this section, we will focus on students who are engaged in unique activities and introduce their achievements and activities from their own perspectives.

The fourth student is Reina Nishioka (D2) of the Graduate School of Design.

Aim to wear two hats, a musician and a researcher

Reina was born in Fukuoka, moved to Tokyo to learn music more by herself at the age of 15 to study the piano more professionally, and went to Austria at the age of 19.

Since 2021, she has been a PhD student at the Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University, where she is conducting research on the significance of music competitions in society and the community. During the Covid-19 epidemic, when the public was saying that music was “unnecessary”, she felt the need to think more about the relationship between music and society, which is what prompted her to step into research.

At K-SPRING, interactions across fields and nationalities have led to a budding interest in fields outside of her specialty and interdisciplinary research.

It goes without saying that music is something that moves people’s hearts, but it also plays a role as a “thing” that brings people together and allows them to communicate with each other through the medium of music, and it also plays a role in the community revitalization. In the future, she aims to become a musician and researcher who can contribute to music culture and community in many fields.

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