Report of the Career Development Courses 2023

 On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the Career Development Course of the Future-Creation (MIRAI) Course was opened with two lecturers who have been active on the front lines of polymer and materials chemistry on the world stage for many years and have made great contributions and achievements to the development of these chemical fields.
This year, we conducted this seminar in-person and despite the very windy conditions caused by a tropical storm, 71 course students attended.
In the lecture, based on their experiences, the lecturers gave very valuable talks on “What kind of abilities and mental attitude are necessary to be accepted in the international community?”
Afterwards, the invited lecturers and core team faculty members of the Future-Creation (MIRAI) Course took the stage for a panel discussion with the students.
During the panel discussion, course students who listened to the lectures filled out a form and submitted questions online as needed.
Various questions were projected on the screen, and the speakers shared their perspectives and meaningful ideas based on their experiences.

Course students also asked questions verbally, making it a meaningful time for all participants. The seminar was a great success!