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(Deadline: 8/27) For those who need or want to learn the basics of data analysis and AI, why don’t you take a beginner’s course in data science (intensive lecture in early September)?
In your research field, aren’t quantitative conclusions based on data analysis results, rather than subjective and intuitive conclusions, what is important? In fact, I believe that various types of “data analysis” are required in
“graduation theses, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations” in all research fields.

On the other hand, are you having trouble doing the analysis by yourself because you do not have the knowledge or there is no one around you who is familiar with it?

Therefore, the Department of Information and Intelligent Engineering of the Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering offers the “Practical Data Science Course” every year, providing “classroom lectures” and “programming exercises” for beginners in data analysis.
The course emphasizes practice, so students who have some difficulty with data analysis are welcome to join.

Students are welcome to attend only a part of the course.

Details of class hours and lecture content can be found at the following URL. Please check it out.
Applications (due August 27) can be made at the following URL.
Due to the limited capacity of the classrooms and the number of faculty members in charge, we will hold a lottery in case of a large number of applicants. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions, please contact (Prof.Uchida)!

(Note 1) This lecture will be given only in Japanese.

(Note 2) To receive credits for the elective course [4] in the Future-Creation (MIRAI) Course, you must attend “IntroductionⅠ&Ⅱ” out of the 3 courses(Introduction, Practice and Development). If you want to attend ”PracticeⅠ~Ⅳ” and credit will be given only if your participation is approved.