PICK UP! (vol.8) Raditya Halimawan Nuradi / Graduate School of Humanities

There are more than 300 diversed students are enrolled in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course.
In this section, we will focus on students who are engaged in unique activities and introduce their achievements and activities from their own perspectives.

The eighth student is  Raditya Halimawan Nuradi (D2) of the Graduate School of Humanities.


A way to know more about books in a hectic society

Raditya is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Humanities at Kyushu University where he conducts research on religion and popular culture, specifically on the anime pilgrimage phenomenon. If he’s not out in the field talking to fans and locals, he’s busy doing translations or simply working on a script for his next podcast. As a student of the humanities, reading books is second nature to him and yet in such a busy world there is barely any time to a read an entire book. This is where podcasts come in. As a host at New Books Network in Japanese Studies, Raditya engages in conversations with authors from diverse fields working on Japan on their latest publications.


The ultimate goal is to get people to read more books but for those who might have less time on their hands, podcasts can help provide them with that one final push. Raditya’s conversations not only discusses the topic of the book but also its main arguments, structure, methodologies, and more importantly, how the book came to be. By promoting the books through the podcasts people will obtain more awareness of the various topics scholars have conducted research on about Japan, serving as a form of public education. Check out Raditya’s episode from your favorite podcast provider or from NBN’s website.

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