PICK UP! (vol.6) WANG ZIQIANG / Graduate School of Humanities

There are more than 300 diversed students are enrolled in “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course.
In this section, we will focus on students who are engaged in unique activities and introduce their achievements and activities from their own perspectives.

The sixth student is WANG ZIQIANG (D2) of the Graduate School of Humanities.


Research and Artist Activities: Between Reality and Fiction

 During my undergraduate years, I aspired to become a writer. On countless silent nights, I meticulously transcribed lines of poetry and scenes from novels onto sheets of writing paper. Over time, I have written more than 200,000 words, which include around 200 poems and several short stories. Some of these works have been published in literary magazines and collections like Writer, Participation Flowers, Chinese WeChat Poetry Selection, and Songs in the East Wind. Furthermore, I have received awards in competitions such as the Chinese Short Story Contest and the Global Chinese College Students Short Poetry Contest.
 In my creative process, I often apply the knowledge I gained from analyzing literary works during my studies in the literature department. This helps me delve into the psychology of my novel characters and refine the language of my poetry. As I engaged in creative endeavors, I gradually grew fond of literary research. Four years ago, I embarked on a research journey at Kyushu University in Japan, where I have been pursuing graduate studies. While literary research relies on existing materials and emphasizes logical analysis and rational expression, literary creation thrives on imagination and fiction. Despite my daily research commitments, I consistently continue my literary pursuits, honing both my intellect and sensibility.
 A century ago, Guo Moruo, a prominent figure in modern Chinese literature, created numerous outstanding works while studying at Kyushu University. Looking ahead, I aspire to draw inspiration from this land during my time at Kyushu University, much like Guo Moruo did, in order to craft even more exceptional literary pieces.

Photo of the 2023 Open Campus Mock Lesson