German Research Fair

If you want to do research at a German university or research institute, or want to learn about doctoral programs, post-doctoral programs, and scholarships at German universities, this is a must!

Join us online on Thursday, April 27 at the “German Research Fair ” to speak directly with representatives from a number of prominent German universities, research institutions, and funding agencies.

On the day of the event, you will be able to browse and download information about the participating universities and institutions, chat and video call directly with their representatives at their booths, and participate in a variety of online seminars, You can also find information about participating universities and institutions on the DWIH Tokyo website, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Register now and open the door to research in Germany!

【Event Title】 German Research Fair
【Date】 Thursday, April 27, 2023 16:00-21:00
【Format】 Online
【Organizer】 DWIH Tokyo (German Forum for Science and Innovation Tokyo)
【Details and registration】
【Contact】DWIH Tokyo (German Forum for Science and Innovation Tokyo)
Tel: 050-5873-2642
Web: www.dwih-tokyo.orgE-Mail: letter registration: