Course work

【Registraiton closed】[8]Resilience Training Course will be held as follows!

We’re pleased to announce that the [8]Resilience Training Course will be held as follows!If you wish to take this course, please register by November 24 through Forms, which will be sent to your Kyushu University Primary Mail address. Those who wish to be certified as an elective course must take all lectures.

■First and Second Seminars 
Content: “Developing the Ability to Overcome Adversity”
Speaker: Mr. Aritomo Takayama from Will systems
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 14:50-18:10 
Place: Face-to-face at Ito Campus (The event may be held online for various reasons)
Note:  Limited to 30 students maximam
Group work will be conducted during the lecture
The lecture and group work will be given in Japanese.
No recording will be mad

■Third Seminar 
Content: Resilience Research in Practice
Method of attendance: On-demand method (Please choose one of the video contents)
Course period: Mid-January to mid-February

Other details will be provided to those who have registered for the course at a later date.